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"I'm sensing an unspoken attraction between you two."

All aboard, SS MingZan!


"I'm sensing an unspoken attraction between you two."

All aboard, SS MingZan!

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Avatar: The Last Airbender + text posts (aka following the trend that you’ve probably seen all over tumblr) [part 2 here]

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no promo for the next episode

no promo for korra moving online next week

"nickelodeon still cares about Korra, the internet is the future, it could be worse!" mY ASS

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Ba Sing Se

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Maps of The Gaang’s Travels throughout the series. 

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Honestly I always had my issues with Katara throughout the series but this is where I formed a new found respect for her. 

It was evident throughout the whole series that the death of her mom had a tremendous affect on her life…and clearly something that she hadn’t entirely accepted. Death isn’t easy, especially the death of a parent or guardian. But she bucked up and basically took on the role of her mother helping take care of her brother and the other village kids while her dad was off at war. Then she left all that to go and aid the Avatar/save the world, and improve her bending. Remember she had never left home before. Throughout all those wacky adventures she was still carrying the baggage, the hurt, the hate, from her mother’s death….

Then she meets the man responsible for killing her mother. He’s in the palm of her hand, she has the full advantage and she could do it. Yes, she could kill him and avenge her mother…but doesn’t. Does “nothing” (yes she said things but action-wise did nothing) and walks away. This man robbed her. Robbed her of her innocence and most importantly a loving mother. But she does nothing. I don’t know. I just don’t see how it’s possible to dislike Katara after that. Sure her hope rants can be a bit much, and she may have an attitude or whatever but she grew into a such a strong, beautiful, young woman. Not only did she help save the world but she became one of the best waterbenders in the world. 

Katara has a ridiculous amount of inner strength. She’s something special.  

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